Friday, January 28, 2011

Horrible Old Movies

A few weeks ago my wonderful husband bought me the old horror movie, I Walked With a Zombie, just because. I did say he was wonderful didn't I? Some women get flowers, I get horror movies and wouldn't have it any other way. It had been quite some time since I'd indulged in an old horror film. And I don't mean seventies or eighties old (although I love those too), I mean classic horror that dates back to the thirties and forties.

When I was a kid I used to watch old sci-fi and horror movies every Saturday afternoon on Creature Feature. My husband's impromptu gift brought those memories flooding back. I miss those days, I really do. And it's funny to think back and realize how young I was when my fascination with horror started. When other kids were glued to the television every Saturday morning to watch their favorite cartoons, I couldn't wait for them to be over so I could watch Creature Feature. Yeah, I was weird even back then.

As I sat and watched I Walked With a Zombie last week, that old fascination started all over again. I've been so immersed in modern horror that I somehow forgot how wonderful, horrible and scary the older films are. Needless to say I went on a quest to hunt some of them down and recently added these gems to my ever growing horror movie collection: The House on Haunted Hill,
Bride of Frankenstein, The Last Man on Earth and I have a dvd horror collection on the way that has lots of goodies.

One of the things I miss is the most about those days is the era of the Horror Host. It's such a shame they've become a thing of the past. The host of Creature Feature was the infamous Dr. Paul Bearer. He was the epitome of spooky. He had this eerie deep voice, a glass eye, drove an actual hearse around town and had this cheesy gallows humor I loved. I happened to find a couple clips for you guys on youtube and I thought I'd share. So without further ado, Dr. Paul Bearer...He'll be lurking for you!

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